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Aleinu ve’al kol ha olam, Salaam

The Palestinian Holocaust?

This BBC article today make me sick to my stomach. The key excerpt:

[Israeli deputy defense minister] Matan Vilnai said Palestinians risked a “shoah”, the Hebrew word for a big disaster – and for the Nazi Holocaust.

Mr Vilnai said Israel would use all its might to defend itself, after rockets hit the city of Ashkelon, 10km (six miles) from Gaza.

The Iranian-made rockets are said to have a range of about 22km (14 miles)

Yeah you read that right. Israel’s defense department just threatened a holocaust on Gaza citizens. Oh, the circle of life. I’m going to stop myself now from writing some scathing things about the Israeli occupation, actually; I just hope this doesn’t escalate (Iran).

Do yourself a favor and download some Sheva (warning: audio plays automatically). Sheva are a new-age Israeli band that just drip with peace and love (that, and didgeridooes!). The song ‘Salaam‘ is a great starting point. It’s an epic song about peace (actually, they just repeat the refrain peace in the world) completely sung in Arabic!