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Take The ‘A’ Train

Pitchfork reports the Brazilian Girls are set to release their third LP, entitled New York City, 5 August of this year, just three days after they rock Chicago at Lollapalooza.

As I was pretty disappointed with the last album, following the incredible Brazilian Girls in 2005, I hope this new release will be more innovative, and shy away from the rushed/crunchy/punk sound of Talk To La Bomb.  Sabina Sciubba is one foxy band leader, but, man, she wasn’t getting away with just her sass last time.  From the Pitchfork article, it seems the group have been getting some great outside help:

Due August 5 from Verve Forecast, the set features legendary Senegalese singer Baaba Maal on “Internacional”, plus jazz percussionist Kenny Wollesen and his Himalayas on a trio of tracks.

Sex Sells Out

A couple posts ago local Cincy music blogger Each Note Secure directed readers to commercial advertisements featuring music from current lesser-known bands. One of them was an Axe ad featuring a favorite band of mine, Brazilian Girls.

If anyone has some information regarding the ‘uncensored’ tag at the YouTube clip, pass it along; I can’t seem to confirm any information about it being censored in regions of the world (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if networks chose not to pick it up because of its Jesus-hating rompiness).

I know bands need to make money, but I tend to die a little when the music I experience and discover is later used to move a few crates of, say, overpriced soap. The most disheartening, personally, is the double-whammy my lover Bob Dylan did after his famous Victoria’s Secret commercial, selling SUVs and anorexic downloads. (Actually, I find the strangely juxtaposed lingerie incident, set to ‘Love Sick’, pretty hilarious. Why? Aside from the timbre and salty reverb of the actual song, it makes absolutely no sense to hear it in the context of the commercial. What shoppers is Les Wexner eager to attract–aging hipsters expecting a sea of boobs? Dylan did it for the shooting of the commercial, not the money). The Torygraph had a take on it back when.

For the Brazilian Girls, an MTV News (ugh…) article may have some insights into their decision to sell out to Axe (Sabina Sciubba is the band’s frontwoman and singer/songwriter):

“I hope through my words that I am not coming across as vulgar,” said the Italian-born Sciubba, who was raised in Munich, Germany; Nice, France; and Rome. “Sex is being used to sell everything. It’s part of the joke of being called the Brazilian Girls.”

Sciubba says she doesn’t watch television, but she doesn’t seem to mind capitalizing on it. “If I would make lots of money that would be great,” she said, evidently not worried about going mainstream.

Cheeky?  I think I might have bought her words if she were actually involved in the commercial.

I’m going home to listen to Pete Townshend.